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Settlement and Delivery of Delivery Futures Contracts

Delivery contracts, also known as futures contracts, are agreements to buy or sell an underlying asset at a predetermined price on a specific date in the future, known as the delivery or expiry date. Unlike perpetual contracts, delivery contracts have a fixed expiry date. When a delivery contract reaches its expiry date, both buyers and sellers are obligated to fulfill the contract at the agreed price, regardless of the current market price.

If the settlement price is higher than the opening price, the buyer profits. If the settlement price is lower than the opening price, the seller profits. In the digital asset trading market, delivery contracts are a popular derivative product. Users can trade and profit from the price movement of digital assets by buying long or selling short contracts. At the time of expiry, all open positions will be settled at the average index price during the last 30 minutes of trading.

Contract Value

All delivery contract trades are based on a per-contract basis. Each contract corresponds to a specific value of the underlying digital asset.

Contract Duration

Generally, mainstream delivery contracts offer three types of contract durations: weekly, bi-weekly, and quarterly contracts. Different types of contracts may be available depending on the exchange:

Weekly contracts are delivered on the closest Friday to the trade date.

Bi-weekly contracts are delivered on the second Friday after the trade date.

Quarterly contracts are delivered on the last Friday of March, June, September, and December.

Contract Multiplier

The leverage for delivery contracts typically ranges from 1x to 50x

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